Worcester Memorial Auditorium

Worcester Memorial Auditorium (also known simply as Worcester Auditorium) is a multi-purpose arena located at Lincoln Square in Worcester, Massachusetts. Built in 1933, as a World War I War memorial in the form of a multi-purpose hall,[3] the Auditorium has a 116-foot-wide (35 m),[1] proscenium. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980 as part of the Institutional District.[4]

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  1. John R Cerasuolo

    Wow, great photo’s. I have fond memories of that building. The Telegram and Gazette used to have a wonderful Christmas party for the employees kids and it was held at the Auditorium. I also graduated from High School there in 1987 so it saddens me to see it looking rather worn.

    • BobBernier

      THanks John.. It was tough seeing it like that, but it was so incredible.

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